Barycz municipal waste sorting plant in Cracow

Sorting plant in Barycz

The project assumed the automation of the sorting process, the so-called recyclable materials. The existing technological lines in the plant have been supplemented with additional separators. New optoelectronic devices and pneumatic machines for pre-separating paper, plastics, ferrous and non-ferrous metals were installed. The line for sorting and cleaning the packaging glass has also been modernized. The second task of the project was to develop a modern waste segregation system and assemble modern technological equipment. The energy-saving system of solutions turned out to be amazingly effective, thanks to which the assumed levels of daily processing were achieved. The implementation of the project enabled a significant increase in the level of recovery of raw materials at the existing sorting plant and a decrease in costs in the enterprise. Along with parallel activities in the area of the development of selective collection, the levels of secondary raw materials recovery required by law were also achieved.


Name of the beneficiary: Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Oczyszczania Sp. z o. o. w Krakowie
The title of the project: Expansion and automation of the technological line of the Barycz municipal waste sorting plant in Cracow
The value of co-financing from the European Union: 10,7 mln PLN
Project value: 20,75 mln PLN