Do not disappear - revitalization of Czarna Młaki - a monument unique in the country - with the provision of a pond for tourist traffic

Nature memorial Czarna Mlaka Pond in Muszyna is a picturesque mountain pond and at the same time a natural monument, located between Powroźnik and Muszyna in the Beskid Sądecki. The pond was formed several hundred years ago in a natural way when the basin (formed as a result of a mountain’s slipping) was filled with water. The implementation of the EU project in the area of Czarna Młaka allows to stop its disappearing, and thus it prevents an irretrievable loss of the monument of nature being unique in the whole country. Interestingly, the areas are home to, among others, the Carpathian newt and toad, the pond is surrounded by old firs, and the surface of Czarna Młaka is covered with algae.

Project value: 463 417.00 zł 
EU grant value: 367 504.69 zł