Ecological buses in Oświęcim and its vicinity

A new fleet of buses for the Municipal Department of Transport in Oświęcim

Public transport in Oświęcim is implemented by Miejski Zakład Komunikacji Sp. z o.o. in Oświęcim, it also serves connections to neighboring municipalities. In total, public transport is used by more than 93.5 thousand residents. Miejski Zakład Komunikacji Sp. z o.o. has served local public transport for 60 years, and over the past five years the Company has carried over 15 million passengers, traveling close to 12 million car kilometers. Students of local universities, school students and the elderly are mainly passengers. Tourists from around the world and working people also constitute a significant group of passengers. Buses currently run on 10 urban and 17 suburban lines with a total length of 423 km. The project contributed to raising passenger service standards and helped to achieve low-carbon and sustainable mobility in Oświęcim. The project included the purchase of ecological bus rolling stock and the implementation of a system for the organization and coordination of timetables, including the launch of comprehensive and interactive passenger information. The investment also included the purchase of 20 vehicles of various lengths. The purchased buses are friendly to all users and adapted to the needs of people with physical disabilities. New low-floor buses are equipped with, among others, air conditioning, information boards, monitoring and labeling for buttons inside the bus in Braille language. The currently used rolling stock has been modernized and equipped with auto-computers, and the stops – with timetables with the QR code. Thanks to this investment, access to high-quality public services has significantly increased.


Name of the beneficiary: Miejski Zakład Komunikacji sp. z o.o.
The title of the project: Improving the quality of public transport in Oświęcim by purchasing ecological buses
The value of co-financing from the European Union: 17,94 mln PLN 
Project value: 25,95 mln PLN