In tribute to the hero - Kościuszko Museum in Krakow

A view of the Kościuszko Mound with a visible route to the top

The project was aimed at increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Malopolska Region based on cultural heritage resources through the renovation and reconstruction of the Bastion V building and the construction of a skylight over the inner courtyard and the entrance moat.

The facility has been adapted for cultural and tourist purposes.

The aim of the project was also to adapt the tourist route for the disabled, to reconstruct the historic gates, piers and the entrance moat of the historic “Kościuszko” Fort No. 2 and to restore the western wall with battlement of the South Caponier. The revitalization made it possible to create a modern Kościuszko Museum with a permanent exhibition entitled “Kościuszko – a hero still needed” in the Bastion V complex in the “Kościuszko” Fort No. 2.

There is also an educational route at the Kościuszko Mound to be used by disabled people. The development of cultural heritage and participation in culture is an effective method of developing social and civic competences. In the long-term, the implementation of the project will contribute to an increase in the competitiveness of regional cultural and tourist products, and consequently to the further development of the region.

The fort at Kościuszko Mound exemplifies the 19th-century fortress architecture that has survived to this day despite the war damage and natural destruction and degradation caused by the passage of time and the weather conditions.

Thanks to the implementation of the project, a modern museum was created – it will increase cultural tourism located in a unique, historical place in Poland.


Name of the beneficiary: Komitet Kopca Kościuszki w Krakowie
The title of the project: Establishment of the Kościuszko Museum with a permanent exhibition entitled "Kościuszko - a hero still needed" in the Bastion V complex in the "Kościuszko" Fort no. 2 and the educational route at Kościuszko Mound in Krakow, adapted for the disabled
The value of co-financing from the European Union: 6,27 mln PLN
Project value: 13,58 mln PLN