Modernzation ot the J. Śniadeckiego specialist hospital in Nowy Sącz

Building of the Specialist Hospital in Nowy Sącz

The comprehensive modernization of the hospital included the renovation of the equipment of many hospital units.

Thanks to the subsidy, a modern gynecological and obstetric pavilion was built, in which comprehensive care of a pregnant woman, a mother with a child and a newborn is ensured. A gynecological-obstetric ward, a neonatology ward with intensive therapy, an oncological gynecology ward, a gynecological outpatient clinic and a children’s developmental defects clinic were established in the facility. In the modernized pavilion located at Kuźnica Street two new wards were created: systemic rehabilitation and geriatrics. The psychiatric and pulmonary wards were also moved to this building.

What is more, the Specialist Clinics Center at Wolności Street was also modernized as part of the project. The renovated facilities have also been equipped with facilities for the disabled, such as specialist lifts.


Name of the beneficiary: Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Jędrzeja Śniadeckiego w Nowym Sączu
The title of the project: Development ot the J. Śniadeckiego specialist hospital in Nowy Sącz by improving the standard and quality of medical services
The value of co-financing from the European Union: 36,6 mln PLN
Project value: 69 mln PLN