Protection of the valuable natural area of the Błędowska Desert and its promotion

Between the villages of Chechło, Klucze and Błędów, in the valley of the Biała Przemsza river there is an unusual phenomenon. The Błędowska Desert, called the „Polish Sahara”, is the largest desert in Europe! Its natural scale is unique, it is unusual in visual terms (some parts of the „Pharaoh”, directed by Jerzy Kawalerowicz, was shot there), it attracts tourists from all over Poland. This great stretch of sand, about 100 years ago, was a location of miraculous phenomena and even sandstorms. At present, vegetation (mainly Caspian willow) is entering the desert, which particularly hinders the process of the preservation of this area in its original shape. The implementation of the EU project will allow future generations to admire the largest sand dunes in the inland area, with various morphological forms, rare protected species of fauna and flora, and sandy grasslands.

Beneficiary: Klucze commune
Project value: 1 974 799.88 zł 
EU grant value: 1 664 809.88 zł