The Bobrowisko Nature Enclave in Stary Sącz

The Bobrowisko in Stary Sącz

An unusual nature trail is located in the floodplains of the Dunajec and Poprad Rivers. There are habitats of swans and beavers in the areas. The construction of the path enabled the protection of the site where the unusual animals live, and the area was made available to visitors in a neutral and safe way for the ecosystem. The path consists of two crossing wooden jetties and two observation points. The project also enabled the purchase of breeding nests to be installed in places where birds have the possibility of safe taking care of their offspring.


Name of the beneficiary: Stary Sącz commune
The value of co-financing from the European Union: 1,3 mln PLN
Project value: 1,5 mln PLN
The title of the project: Protection of biodiversity by peeping nature – comprehensive protection and access to the natural environment in the forks of the Dunajec poprad rivers